It is a moving story that led to the creation of Sparklets. Personal tragedies of fate for the two founders provided the motivation to create something lasting to express joy in life and gratitude in every situation.

With Sparklets we want to convey a really strong message:

Eternal light for the ones we love.

"Family and friends are the greatest things we have" it is a very special love and connection, a warm light, the appreciation of a person, which we want to pass on - not just a bracelet, but a clear message as a symbol on the wrist to evoke a sparkle in the eyes.

Steffie Stroh

Steffie Stroh

From the Taunus near Frankfurt am Main

I founded Sparklets together with Sabine. During many long hospital stays due to my youngest son's cancer, I started making bracelets. In the repetitive crochet work, I find my inner center and calm again and can let my thoughts run free. By combining different beads and colors, I can express my moods and feelings. In loving memory of my son, these bracelets are intended to provide a ray of hope and symbolize the love for our neighbors. Love that we would like to share in order to give others a ray of hope too.

Sabine Sauer

Sabine Sauer

From Munich

I founded Sparklets together with Steffie. My youngest daughter suffers from a rare genetic defect (CDKL5 Deficiency Disorder), which causes a severe disability. Life presents me with new challenges every day and I never know what I will face today. In my free time, I try to relax through creative work and gather strength for the next challenge. By working with different materials such as beads, yarn, silver and gold and combining different colors, I find the balance to master the challenges of everyday life with my youngest daughter.

Our bracelets are a symbol of love, true friendship, blind understanding and the light of memories of beautiful moments that carries us through difficult times.