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Give your hairstyle a sparkling accent.
Bring new life into your hairstyle with our ponytail. The combination of crystal beads with rounded facet cut and Japanese glass beads in an elastic hair band seamlessly combines elegance and practical use.
The absolute hit!

Product Information

Product details

Materials: High-quality crystal beads with rounded facet cut, Japanese glass beads, elastic yarn

Production: 100% Made in Taunus and Munich - Germany

Note: The actual color of the product shown in our photos
Products shown may vary due to different lighting conditions
and light reflections may vary slightly.

Other items shown in the gallery are only intended to illustrate the variants and sizes. They are therefore not included in the scope of delivery.

Care instructions

Your Sparklets ponytail was made by us in our small factory with great attention to detail. To ensure that your ponytail retains its sparkle, please treat it with care. In general, contact with water, chlorine, salt, steam, fats and oils and also strong sunlight over long periods of time have a damaging effect on all types of jewelry. Therefore, do not take your ponytail into the water. Cream, perfume and hairspray are not good for it either. Therefore, please take it off when showering, in the sauna, sleeping and during strenuous activities. If it does get wet, just let it dry at room temperature. If you do this, you will enjoy your Sparklets ponytail for a very long time and it will have its very own and special shimmer!

Brilliant throughout the day and evening

Bring new life to your hairstyle with our ponytail! The combination of crystal beads with rounded facet cut and Japanese glass beads in a hairband seamlessly combines elegance and practical use. The high-quality, elastic yarn ensures perfect adaptability and gently clings to the hair without pulling or slipping. Ponytails are ideal for everyday wear and special occasions because they add a touch of shine without having to sacrifice comfort. Handmade in our Family&Friends factory, each ponytail represents our claim to deliver uniqueness and quality beyond mass-produced goods and to let the wearer shine.


Tragebeispiel Ponytail Tragebeispiel Ponytail Tragebeispiel Ponytail

Questions and Answers


How do I keep my ponytail in my hair?

The ponytail is made using the same manufacturing technique as our Sparklets bracelets. This means that the beads are crocheted in individually. However, we use a special elastic thread for our ponytails. This means that the ponytail can easily be pulled larger and then falls back to its original size, like a normal hair tie. However, we recommend wearing a normal hair tie to secure the braid or bun under the ponytail. The edges of the ponytail then fit perfectly around it and enclose the hair tie underneath.

How do I put on my ponytail?

The hairband is simply placed around the braid or bun, not twisted. A simple hair tie worn underneath is enough to secure the hair. The edges of the ponytail nestle around the hair tie.

Which size is optimal for me?

If you need your ponytail for a simple braid and have a "normal" hair structure and amount, we recommend the small and medium size. If you have a lot of hair and curls, the medium and large size is better. For a bun and very long and thick hair, an extra-large and wide ponytail can be an advantage. Please note that in any case, we recommend wearing a simple hairband underneath. You choose the width of the ponytail according to your individual preference.

Delivery and availability

How long does the delivery take?

Since we make ponytails to order, with a few exceptions, it can take up to 2 weeks for your order to reach you. If we already have your exact ponytail in stock, it will be with you within 2 to 4 days.

Why is the item currently unavailable?

Since we are a small Family&Friends manufacturer and often produce to order, it can happen that your item is temporarily unavailable and has to be manufactured first.

How long can I return items?

You can return items up to 14 days. Custom made bracelets
are excluded from return. Since each ponytail is made individually by us and passes through "our hands", we ask you to handle returns with care. Please be fair and only send us products in their original condition with the
Return the item with the original label and within the specified time limit. If the original label is removed, the right to return the item expires.