Rose Queen

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The delicate princess.
For those who prefer a delicate pink, the Queen in Rosé is the perfect choice, with a combination of bright, sparkling crystal pearls from Austria, framed by Japanese glass pearls in a delicate rose tone.
An ideal companion for any season!

Sparklets bracelets, individually made from cut crystal beads and first-class Japanese glass beads, enhance every wrist with their incomparable sparkle. By using a high-quality, mercerized cotton yarn, Sparklets bracelets are characterized by a high degree of flexibility and comfort, meaning they can be effortlessly slipped on - without any fastener. This unique combination guarantees a high level of comfort and blends seamlessly into any look. The use of exclusively natural materials makes Sparklets bracelets an excellent choice for sensitive skin and is a real treat for the hands.
Sparklets - a commitment to quality and individuality, far from mass production and standard design.

Product Information

Product details

Materials: 100% cotton (mercerized), pure crystal beads from Austria, known for their unique quality and precise cut, Japanese glass beads, which are characterized by their very high quality and special uniformity.

Production: 100% Made in Taunus and Munich

Note: The actual color of the products shown in our product photos may vary slightly due to different lighting conditions and light reflections. Other items shown in the gallery are merely suggestions for combining the bracelets. They are therefore not included in the scope of delivery.

Care instructions

Your Sparklets bracelet was made by us in our small factory with great attention to detail. You can stretch it a little when you put it on because the manufacturing technology makes it slightly elastic and it won't easily break. As you wear it, your Sparklet will adjust more and more and over time it will fall beautifully smoothly around your wrist. To ensure that your Sparklet doesn't lose its sparkle, please treat it with care. In general, contact with water, chlorine, salt, steam, fats and oils and also strong sunlight over long periods of time can damage all types of jewelry. So don't take your Sparklet into the water; cream and perfume aren't good for it either. So please take it off when showering, in the sauna, sleeping and during strenuous activities. If it does get damp, just let it dry at room temperature. If you do this, you will enjoy your Sparklets bracelet for a very long time and it will have its very own and special shimmer.

Put on the bracelet

Frau mit Sparklet-Armbändern

In this video you will learn how to put on the bracelet

Die richtige Größe finden

  1. Schritt: Zum messen des Umfangs deiner Hand, bringe diese in die Position als würdest du einen Armreif überstreifen wollen, wobei der Daumen gegen die Handfläche gedrückt wird.

  2. Schritt: Lege ein flexibles Maßband um die Fingerknöchel und den Daumenknöchel. Markiere die Stelle, an der das Maßband überlappt. Dies ist das präzise Handmaß bzw. deine Handgröße.

  3. Schritt: Siehe mit Hilfe der folgenden Tabelle nach welche Armbandgröße für deine Handgröße am besten geeignet ist.

Handgröße in cm Armband-Größe
bis 16 cm auf Anfrage
16 - 19 cm Klein (S)
19 - 21 cm Mittel (M)
21 - 24 cm Groß (L)
24 cm auf Anfrage
Bild der Vermessung des Handumfassungs

Questions and Answers


How do the bracelet collections differ?

Classics: The classics collection is made up of absolute favorite pieces from the past few years. The interplay of sparkling crystal beads combined with Japanese glass beads in a classic color variation is unique and adds a special accent to any wardrobe. Click here to see the classics.

Colours of 2024: The Colours collection is for women who love colour! Trendy colours of the glittering crystal beads combined with Japanese glass beads in bright colours make you want more. A real statement to match your outfit! Click here for the Colours of 2024.

Limited Editions: The Limited Collection reflects the variety of sparkling crystal beads in combination with Japanese glass beads. With simple elegance in color, an eye-catcher for every occasion and every outfit. But beware, only available in limited editions, while stocks last! Click here for the Limited Editions

How elastic is a Sparklets bracelet?

By using a high-quality cotton yarn and the
appropriate manufacturing technology provides sufficient elasticity,
to slip the bracelet over your hand without a clasp.
At the beginning, the bracelet is a little 'tighter' because it's 'fresh off the crochet hook'. It can be a little tighter when you put it on. With the right technique when putting the bracelet on, you can pull it on piece by piece (see video). Don't worry, all the beads are anchored individually and the bracelet can be stretched a little! With body heat, the band stretches slightly and falls round and comfortably around the wrist. It is important to note that the size of our Sparklets is based on the size of the hand circumference at the widest point and on the flexibility of your hand, not just on the size of your wrist! It will never be tight on the wrist, but will always fall loosely and elegantly around your wrist!

Tips for choosing the size

For women, the bracelet size is often not necessarily based on their body type. In many cases, larger women have narrow wrists. Experience has shown that the standard size M is suitable for around 80% of wearers, as the bracelet stretches slightly with body heat.

  • If you have particularly large or particularly narrow wrists, please choose a size larger or smaller accordingly.
  • If you prefer to wear your bracelet a little tighter, choose a size smaller if in doubt.
  • If you prefer to wear your bracelet a little looser, choose a size larger if in doubt.

Delivery and availability

How long does the delivery take?

Since we make bracelets to order, with a few exceptions, it can take up to 2 weeks for the bracelet to reach you. If we already have your exact bracelet in stock, it will be with you within 2 to 4 days.

Why is the item currently unavailable?

Since we are a small Family&Friends manufacturer and often produce to order, it can happen that an item is temporarily unavailable and has to be manufactured first.

How long can I return items?

You can return items for up to 14 days. Custom Sparklets
are excluded from return. Since each bracelet is individually made by us and passes through "our hands", we ask you to handle returns with care. Please be fair and only send us products in their original condition with the
Return the item with the original label and within the specified time limit. If the original label is removed, the right to return the item expires.